5 simple ways to deal with stress

5 simple ways to deal with stress



Work as a part of daily living studies have shown is the leading cause of stress.

simple ways to deal with stress

Simple ways to deal with stress

It doesn’t help either that Nigeria is notoriously rated 3rd most stressful city to live in!

Though work -usually to keep body and soul together is continuous and demanding, it can be managed in a way where general wellbeing is key!

The quality of life has greatly reduced as a result of everyday hustling and living as well as lifestyle people have adopted in modern times making them physically more productive and less healthy.

Take time out to de-stress (Silent Journey)

Stress can also be due to other factors including finances, relationships and so on. With stress, the key is to identify what exactly the problem is; be aware of your stress triggers and set out to tackle it heads on.

When you are stressed, it becomes evident in your energy level, way of life, outlook on life, tells on your relationship, your mental and general wellbeing. You can get emotionally exhausted,

There are simple ways to keep this in check:

1. Unplug devices

When you are starting to get irritated at every little thing or generally burned out, shut out and unplug to regain sanity. From work for instance, go on leave and turn off all email notificiations. Stay away from your computer and everything that sets you off to get to work or rack your brain and just relax.

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