Smart ideas for additional storage space

Smart ideas for additional storage space


You can be absolutely sure that you are using the space of your apartment in a best way. However, you can always find some unexpected places for storage, which can make your home even more beautiful and comfortable. Let’s take a look at the areas where you can arrange all the necessary things with a maximum comfort, and not worry that they are in a wrong place. Find all the necessary things for your home in one place at a best price. Visit Jiji, which is the greatest online marketplace in Nigeria traditionally offers the widest assortment on the web. Here you will undoubtedly find the best deals ever!

Slowly walk from room to room, and try to look at the space in your house from the different angles. Perhaps you will find some zones for storage you haven’t even thought of. Pay special attention to areas, which have been empty for a long time. Probably these places are the best for storing sewing accessories, musical instruments, household things, etc.

Magic doors

Bathroom door from the inside can become a beautiful storage rack for all your bath accessories. For this purpose, you will need only light hanging baskets or metal mesh, pinned to the canvas with a profile.

Using the upper space

The space above the door, window apertures, under the ceiling in a hallway, is often not used. But, in fact, you can arrange there a lot of useful things for temporary or long-term storage. Mounting shelves or lockers at a considerable height, you save space in the lower level of the room, and all the superfluous space becomes less noticeable at a first glance. This way you can store the seasonal stuff, some foods or other items that you use from time to time.

Big benefits

The area under the bed is a volumetric space, especially if there is a box under it.

Under the bed, you have the opportunity to discreetly store bedding, holiday shoes, some clothes, hats, sports equipment (dumbbells, expanders, etc.). So, do not miss the chance to organize your home more conveniently and competently.


Optical illusion

On the Internet, you can often meet a lot of illustrative photos depicting stairs with the hidden drawers for storage.

By the way, if you don’t have enough place in a space of cabinets or shelves, you can use the space under the hinged stairs tread.

These are only some ideas of how to use a space in your apartment. Use your imagination and discover new storage places! Find a better place for things that create mess!


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