Meet The Newest Oldest Person In World

Meet The Newest Oldest Person In World


Oldest living person in the world

Violet Brown is now the “Oldest living person in the world” after taking over the title from her fellow super-centenarian, Emma Morano who died at the age of 117 years and 137 days.

Violet is 117 years and 36 days, and a Jamaican, who was born just few miles from the birthplace of the fastest man on planet, Usain Bolt and she’d be the first ever verified super-centenarian from Jamaica and the oldest verified Jamaican person ever.

Mrs Brown was born on March 10, 1900 when Jamaica was a part of the British Empire, making her the last living former subject of Queen Victoria who died in January 1901.

Recognised by the Guinness Book of Records , Mrs Brown who still lives in the same house in where she was born told the Jamaica Observer in an interview last year: “I live by the grace of God and I am proud of my age!”

It also reported last May that her 96-year-old son, Harold Fairweather, is widely believed to be the oldest person with a living parent.


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