5 secret codes of communicating with women

5 secret codes of communicating with women


Women are very good at dropping hints for their partners who are sadly not so good at picking them.

If everyone gets a kobo for everytime they hear someone say ‘women are too difficult to understand’, we’ll all be millionaires by now.

Clearly there’s a true/untrue belief out there that many women are so difficult to understand and that as a man, you’d need some form of heightened sensitivity to always decipher what a woman really wants because they don’t ever say what they want, and when they do, they usually mean the opposite.


According a post on relationships page, CapitalFm, women truly drop secret codes for men and expect them to pick up on those hints.

Breadcrumbing When she messages you with three dots ending her text, she wants you to keep the convo going (Independent)

Five of these hints are interpreted below:

1Three dots at the end of messages

Apparently when women do this, they expect you to keep the conversation going. Because they enjoy chatting with you.