Slash personal food budget, Nigerians tell Buhari, govs

Slash personal food budget, Nigerians tell Buhari, govs


Nigerians have kicked against the immense measures of cash spent on nourishing President Muhammadu Buhari and state governors in spite of the retreat the nation is confronting.

Numerous Nigerians regretted that while they could no longer nourish thrice every day because of unpaid compensations and climb in sustenance costs, the nation’s pioneers showed up not to feel the warmth.

In the 2016 spending plan, stores running into billions of naira were planned for encouraging and diversion for the Administration and the state governors.

For example, figures got by one of our journalists in the 2016 Assignment Act demonstrated that the aggregate of N103.47m was planned for foodstuff and providing food materials in the Presidential Manor.

The greater part of the states did not demonstrate what amount would be spent on nourishing in their financial plans however in Ondo Express, the entirety of N103.2m was planned for bolstering and diversion of the state senator in 2016 while the total of N1.4bn was proposed for amusement and friendliness for the legislative leader of Cross Stream.

It was learnt that Benue State reserved about N1.96bn in its 2016 spending plan for the encouraging of the representative and amusement of his visitors. Abia and Nasarawa states planned N350m and N156m separately for similar purposes.

Responding to the encouraging stipends made for the President and governors in the 2016 spending which keeps running into billions of naira, the General Secretary of the Nigeria Work Congress, Dr. Dwindle Ozo-Eson, said such an arrangement was unsuitable considering the starkness Nigerians are battling with.

He said, “Bolstering recompense for the President and the governors is unsatisfactory. We have to roll out basic improvements and diminish the cost of administration. Why do we have to encourage a representative who gets compensation month to month?”

Likewise censuring the nourishing remittance for governors in a meeting with SUNDAY PUNCH, the Official Director of the Coalition against Degenerate Pioneers, Debo Adeniran, said it was Nigerians that merited encouraging recompenses and not the governors or the president.

He said, “Encouraging recompense for the President and governors is simply misuse and an undeserved largesse. It is Nigerians that really merit nourishing remittance, particularly with the hardship in the nation.”

Providers crosswise over Nigeria, including government employees, private area laborers, artisans and merchants, who talked with SUNDAY PUNCH reporters in various parts of the nation, said they could barely eat maybe a couple dinners for every day.

They additionally said both the quality and amount of the sustenance they figured out how to put on the table had definitely decreased, while most families communicated fears that their kids could endure appalling lack of healthy sustenance if the circumstance stayed unchecked.

The individuals who talked with our journalists ascribed the most recent advancement to increase in the costs of sustenance things and fixings in the market, combined with the intense diminishment of their wage.

They noted with incredible worry that the costs of yam, cassava flour, plantain, garri, cocoyam, sweet potatoes, maize, millet, and guinea corn, which they used to set up their suppers, was past their scope.

Numerous Nigerians in the South-West said they had turned to drinking garri, while those in the northern part said they bubbled unripe corn for their kids to eat.

SUNDAY PUNCH journalists in Oyo, Niger, Akwa Ibom, Cross Waterway, Ekiti, Delta, Streams, Bauchi, Enugu, Kaduna, Ogun, Kwara, Osun, Benue, Katsina, Ondo and Edo states, gave comparable reports on the hardship.


Occupants who addressed our reporter in Ondo State said they could no longer manage the cost of an adjusted eating regimen.

A nearby government staff part, Mrs. Deborah Ajayi, said her family has begun eating twice per day because of the current financial circumstance in the nation.

She said, “The state government owes us six months pay rates. I am a dowager with four youngsters; it has not been simple for us. We now eat more than once every day, not at all like some time recently.”

Likewise, an auto workman, Mr. Wasiu Oguntola, said, “now and again, I drink just garri once every day. I think that its hard to encourage my family appropriately now.”

A broker, Mrs. Mariam Agbeye, said, “Costs of nourishment and different consumables are rising each day. We can’t bear the cost of what we need again however what we see. In my family now, we just eat twice, whether we are fulfilled or not. May God convey us.”


In Katsina Express, a vulcaniser, Bello Batagarawa, who works at Faqachi quarters of the state capital, said he needed to participate in cultivating to empower him to encourage his group of two spouses and five kids, two circumstances every day.

A government worker, Ango Hamisu, likewise said, “I used to give each of my three youngsters N100 at whatever point I dropped them at school. In any case, now, we just get ready corn for them to eat amid their break period, while we set up any reasonable nourishment for supper.”

The Administrator of the National Soul Party in the state, Mr. Abdulmumin Sheu Sanni, said the normal family man could no longer manage the cost of value suppers twice day by day.

“This has prompted to high rate of wrongdoing, individuals can not bolster anymore,” he said.


Numerous occupants of Benue State, who talked with our journalist, said they could just eat “eba” once day by day went with a soup with or without meat.

A government employee with the Agency of Foundations, Mrs. Beauty Ajoh, told SUNDAY PUNCH that her family could no longer bear the cost of rice, beans, semovita or drinks again however needed to make do with akpu, amala and eba, once every day.

An energize card vender at the door of Government House, Makurdi, Mr. Support Obong, said, “I can’t manage the cost of an appropriate supper more than at the end of the day in my home.”

So also, a grade teacher in Makurdi, who distinguished himself as Joseph, described how his seven-month-old kid was practically starved to death on Friday since he couldn’t give N20 to his significant other to purchase akamu for the child.

The educator said, “That morning, my significant other woke me and said our youngster was ravenous and couldn’t rest for the duration of the night. Along these lines, with confidence, I began trekking. I got to be distinctly drained at a point. It was by then that the state secretary of the NLC gave me N100.”


A circuit repairman in Osun State, Mr. Niyi Adewale, who lives at Okinni town, said his kids and spouse now eat “one substantial supper in a day.”

He said, “I don’t comprehend what we would have been eating notwithstanding the yams and maize in my little ranch. Things have not been simple for us.”

A government employee, who works in one of the recently made neighborhood committee advancement powers, likewise told our journalist that getting nourishment was the most serious issue confronting his family.


Inhabitants of Kwara State said they now eat either fufu or eba once per day, particularly toward the evening.

Some of them said since fish and meat had turned out to be costly, they ate dinners without them, including that the individuals who had ranches had depended on utilizing predominantly vegetables from their homesteads to set up their soups.

The respondent incorporated the Kwara State Secretary, Nigerian Union of Neighborhood Government Workers, Mr. Abayomi Afolabi; a social pundit, Mr. Olaolu Kasum; an artisan, Mr. Kehinde Mustapha; an agent, Mrs. Mulikat Balogun, and some government employees who talked on state of namelessness.


A broker in Abeokuta, Bashiru Atanda, said he skipped supper.

He said, “I just eat twice every day, that is breakfast and lunch. I skirt my supper. This is on the grounds that I can no longer bear the cost of three suppers a day. The deals are no longer blasting as some time recently.”

A government worker, who did not need his name in print, likewise said, “I have a group of six. Before President Buhari rose to power, we regularly cooked eight measures of rice every time we needed to eat rice, however now we have lessened the amount to six mugs.”


In Kaduna, a customary title holder in Kachia, Ibrahim Bayero, said his family could seldom sustain nowadays.

Asked how frequently he encouraged his family day by day, he said, “It is not steady. At times, we eat once in a day. God has his method for getting things done, at times, we eat three circumstances every day.”

Additionally, the Director of the People groups Majority rule Party Honesty Bunch, Rilwanu Abdullahi, said more than 80 for every penny of the inhabitants were living in squalour, and that they could scarcely encourage.

Representative for the Christian Relationship of Nigeria in the North, Rev. John Hayab, said, “We are approaching the administration to devise measures to pad the impacts of appetite and enduring among Nigerians.”


Inhabitants who addressed our journalist in Enugu, said they could no longer manage the cost of three suppers day by day for their families and faulted the advancement for the monetary circumstance in the nation.

SUNDAY PUNCH learnt that, without standard suppers, ‘okpa’, a sort of bean cake, was being utilized by most families to increase their sustaining.

A cab driver, Amobi, said his family ate a legitimate supper once per day, which was typically around evening time.

He said, “I go out at a young hour in the morning, and my significant other remains home with the children. We take okpa amid the day until night when we have a typical supper like garri or fufu.”


In Bauchi, a Right hand Chief at level 14 of the state Service of Youth and Games, who distinguished himself as Musa, told SUNDAY PUNCH that he could scarcely give his family three circumstances every day attributable to the monetary hardship.

He said, “As a Right hand Executive, I used to encourage my family dinners three times each day yet I can scarcely give them nourishment once per day in light of the fact that the administration owed me two months’ compensations. I can just figure out how to give my two spouses and 10 kids sustenance with support from family and companions.”


A lady, who recognized herself as Mrs. Mary, let one know of our journalists how her family changed from three dinners every day to two suppers because of the cost of sustenance stuff.

Mary, who offers simmered corn, deplored that the N100 rice she purchased as lunch for her three-year-old, John, was insufficient for him.



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